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Photo courtesy of Dave Tarver



Photo courtesy of Dave Tarver

Farm and Ranch Museum of the Concho Valley

The Farm and Ranch Museum of the Concho Valley is currently in the process of preparing for an opening to the public within the next 6 months. It is located at 305 S. Oakes St. on the northeast side of the Oak Street Bridge in downtown San Angelo. It occupies approximately 1 acre, which includes a historic blacksmith shop. It was built in approximately 1937, but dates back to the 1890’s. The site was inundated in the 1936 flood but the blacksmith shop was rebuilt shortly after that. It contains all the original equipment, which will be restored to be fully functional. On the grounds we will be exhibiting antique restored farm and ranch equipment and tools.

We are working with Wall High School in restoration of equipment. We have built 40 x 20 foot long porch demonstration area and are working on a large 40 x 60 foot covered display area. The organization has been formally incorporated and has created a board of directors, bylaws, and is working on executing interpretation programs with emphasis on hands on activities. This will be a living museum!

We will initially have live programs featuring local ranchers, farmers, students, and agronomous on the 2nd Saturday of each month, during the monthly family days that take place at the nearby San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. Our programs will encompass, the full range of farm and ranch activities from the basic skills used by farmers and ranchers to understanding and demonstrating the technology employed on the farm and ranch and domestic life on the farm and ranch, including such things as canning, quilting, and other crafts, skills, and practices.

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